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i dont know a Keira but i know a Kiera (if her LINE name is her real name i mean..? laugh i never asked)

BUT IF WE’RE TALKING ABOUT KIERA she’s a cutie and runs sleepy-mayor-of-untitled and has cool art and a great town backstory in progress and she’s so sweet and hELLA cute and a great friend i enjoy talking to her she’s fab

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for the markers I'd recommend copics, I know they're a little more expensive than prisma but they are much better and come in more colors! They are alcohol-based, come in lots of shades and are perfect for blending.


ye i have a few copics i think (i left them at school lmao) but never really worked with them so i dont entirely know how they work orz

man i just really want markers thouuuuughhh my dad was just like “holy shit soojin u have the money go buy yourself the markers” and i just can’t justify such expensive purchases someone help me /lies down

and on the other end of the spectrum i want those crayola twistable colored pencils. need to haul ass to target or something and buy them for myself lmao that shit’s fun to use and it doesn’t even matter if i wreck them bc they’re sooo much cheaper than prismacolors and nice for doodling with.

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Lily? c:

the only Lily i know of is the frog…and Harry Potter’s mom orz

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i’m so tempted to buy a bunch of prismacolor markers u dont even understand

i dont even know /how/ to use markers i just really really want to use them though

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mustelidsramazing said:
I really love your art! Comission prices seem a bit steep though...



unfortunately, this is a bit of an oxymoron!

remember guys, if someone appreciates your art as much as they claim to, then they will believe your prices are fair at their going rate. never let people imply that your art is worth less than you’re charging.

ppl have been reblogging this like “there’s all these artists who are charging way more than their art is worth!!” like who gets to decide how much it’s worth? you? the ~invisible hand of the market~? how about the artist’s years of experience and self-schooling? how about their $30k-per-year art degree? how about the industry standard?

my art is far cheaper than many other artist’s, and you will be hard-pressed to find someone who animates at a lower pricerate than my own. everyone here is arguing about imaginary strawmen and the occasional inflated ego, and ignoring the rampant underpricing of young artists’ work today coupled with the severe price lowballing of non-artist clients.

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laughhhh there’s a guy from my school named john

he’s literally known by everyone as “heelies kid” because he wears heelies like..all the time, and u can always see him uh..heelie-ing(???) around campus. don’t know him v well but the few times i’ve spoken to him he’s been very nice? 

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mayor-bun said:
B r i ~ idk if im supposed to be anon soo sorry

laugh u dont have to be on anon i think

i think a friend from hs, her little sis went by Bri? almost white-blonde hair and blue eyes ver pretty, didn’t speak to her much tho orz. never really met or spoke to someone by that name.

i know a Brianna tho she’s v cool and energetic and really likes nerf guns!

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Thank you for answering my message. It's just that you seem the most logical out of anyone I've known here and you give thorough and understanding answers so thank you for answering me.

not a problem, anon. 

lmao tbh i’m not very logical i just babble things out until i make some amount of sense of it orz 

glad to help though~

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If someone close to you was going to disappear, do you think it'd be best they left a message that they were going to leave or just one day upped and disappeared? I'm asking this because I don't want to trigger anyone by leaving a message but it'd be bad if I didn't leave one because then people would assume the worse. You don't have to answer this if it's too hard to answer. But thank you for reading my message.

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1: hot steamy kiss!

laugh is this hot enough????

kisses for the waifu <3 <3

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